“Joy of Life 2” Already a Hit in Ratings Barely an Hour After Airing

"Joy of Life 2" Already a Hit in Ratings Barely an Hour After Airing

With a record 18.19 million viewer reservations to watch Joy of Life 2 庆余年2 on Tencent, it’s no wonder the show has aired to break even more records. It’s now the first drama to ever hit 30,000 on Tencent’s heat index within the same day it aired, and it did so just 57 minutes after premiere. The peak real-time ratings on Kuyun have exceeded 2.2%. The show has climbed to number one among all the TV channels airing around the same time.

Joy of Life 2 was so heavily promoted that it may have felt overexposed to those who couldn’t understand the hype. It totally worked on me, though, prompting a rewatch of season 1 just in time for season 2. Some have already given their first impressions. Apparently, it seems to be trying hard to be funny. But then you have people saying it picks up pace a few episodes later.

Trending hashtags for the day were naturally all about Joy of Life 2 from the onscreen dads fretting over Fan Xian’s “death” to the show’s being touted the King of dramas, which sounds right given its behemoth ratings. Unfortunately, there’s also negative ones like Wang Churan being bashed for awkward acting? Observations that Guo Qilin’s Fan Sizhe gained weight? To me, it seems Zhang Ruoyun lost weight. The actress playing Liu Ruyu (Fan Xian’s stepmom) sounded different too. Old characters face off like the 2nd prince and Fan Xian. And we have the new characters like the other princes. We even get to meet Wang Qinian’s wife that he talks about so much about. One episode in and I really think it’s too early to judge. Although I have to agree, it’s leaning towards very comedic. Seriously, 5 years is a long time. I’m just glad to see them back.

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