Joy of Life (Qing Yu Nian) to Have Three Seasons

Joy of Life 2 Poster
Joy of Life Season 2 (Qing Yu Nian 2) poster

At long last, the much awaited sequel to 2019’s super popular Joy of Life (Qing Yu Nian) 庆余年 is coming! I kid you not. With a brand new poster out and promotional activities at full throttle, everyone’s just waiting for an announcement at this point.

Joy of Life 2 Expected Release Date

Word on the street is that Joy of Life 2 will be landing on screens –particularly on CCTV8 and streaming site Tencent Video, on May 16, 2024. That’s just a couple more sleeps before we finally see what happens next after one heck of a cliffhanger from season 1. It’s about time too since we’ve been waiting for far too long (five years!!!) to learn what happens to poor Fan Xian after Xiao Zhan’s Yan Bingyun stabs him in the back! This was such a hit back then, that its release is expected to be a success, with some saying other shows may actively avoid going head to head.

Joy of Life 3 Script in the Works

On a recent press junket, Joy of life screenwriter Wang Juan and director Sun Hao shared that Season 2 will have similar vibes to Season 1. However, they also ensured some parts of the story will serve up something fresh and new for loyal viewers. Another important tidbit is that series won’t just end with Season 2. Yep, you read that right. Screenwriter Wang Juan once again confirmed that the series is indeed planned to extend for another season (hello Season 3!) before they ultimately wrap up the story. And get this, he says the script is underway, and joked that fans surely won’t have to wait for another five years for him to complete! Not long after, another hashtag cropped up with Netizens saying the last season better have the same cast.

Season 2 will pick up where the first season left off with Zhang Ruoyin and chicken-leg girl Li Qin reprising their roles as Fan Qian and Lin Wan’er. Save for a couple of casting changes and new faces, the costume historical series previously confirmed most of the original team and cast signed up to do the sequel.

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