‘Don’t Hate on Xiao Zhan’s Character in Joy of Life’ Says Writer Wang Juan

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(Spoiler alert: writer discusses the ending of season 1) With a great story to tell, Joy of Life is packed with a wonderful array of characters that continue to be introduced as the series progresses. Now that the story heads into its final stretch and brings the main protagonist Fan Xian, played by Zhang Ruoyun, to enemy territory, The Untamed star Xiao Zhan who was first heard speaking behind a curtain veil as Yan Bingyun in episode 2 and was never seen since then finally made his first appearance in the show earlier this week. 

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Writer Wang Juan shares his thoughts about the character and also tells those who may have heard about what happens at the end to think twice. Wang Juan describes Xiao Yan (Yan Bingyun) as someone who exhibits the most restrain out of any other character in the entirety of season one. For Xiao Yan, his country is more important than anything, causing him to hide his feelings and gentler side to show a logical and indifferent personality. It’s hard to really judge his character from his words and actions. To truly understand him, one must see the nuances and passion that he is unable to hide.
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For Wang Juan, Yan Bingyun’s personality and characterization will be quite an interesting addition as he joins Fan Xian, Wang Qinian and Gao Da in their future travels, not to mention the interactions that will ensue between the four personalities. 
li shen gao da qing yu nian
Wang Juan further tells everyone to not hate on Yan Bingyun just because of the ending scene, telling everyone to think about it further: When was Wang Qinian not around? What was Gao Da’s reaction in the last scene? Why did Xie Bi’an give them a night to decide? Why did the second prince try to stop them on the road and what is his true motive? Why did Fan Xian lie in wait for one night without trying to find a way out? Wang Juan ends his post by saying that audiences must read between the lines and not just see what is shown to them.
xiao zhan yan bingyun
Major Spoiler!
The final scenes of season one reveal the second prince as the big bad. Furthermore, Yan Bingyun brutally stabs Fan Xian in the back. In Yan Bingyun’s words, it was his answer to the second prince’s request for them to become allies. 
I guess we will have to wait for season two to know what Yan Bingyun and Fan Xian are really planning to do…
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