Xu Kai in Dating Rumors with Rookie Actress Zhao Qing

Xu Kai in Dating Rumors with Rookie Actress Zhao Qing

Previously, Chinese paparazzo Dong Guagua (懂瓜呱) claimed to have the lowdown on the dating status of a famous actor who gained fame through the historical genre. Today, Dong Guagua finally released footage of Xu Kai papped from earlier this month when he had gone to the train station to meet someone. In the photos, he can be seen hugging a mystery woman upon her arrival and they held hands while walking to their hotel. According to the paparazzo, they were spotted coming out of the hotel the next afternoon before the 27-year-old actor sent the mystery woman off at the train station.

As she was revealed to be an actress whose name is made up of two characters, Netizens eventually narrowed down the woman’s identity to rookie actress Zhao Qing (赵晴) who is also Xu Kai’s junior as they are both currently under Yu Zheng’s agency Huanyu Film.

While neither have made comments, Yu Zheng’s reaction to the news is being taken as an indirect confirmation. He recently took to Weibo to say, “Waited for a long time and this is it?” He then shared photos of his new artist Zhao Qing and tagged her. In the past, Xu Kai has been linked to agencymates like Bai Lu. Even though Yu Zheng and his agency have repeatedly denied this, some Netizens have left comments like, “sign one, date one, Huanyu dating agency?” In a now-deleted post, Yu Zheng also responded, “A famous actor is also a human being, although places that are high up are too cold, you must allow them to go down to earth occasionally!”

Zhao Qing Huanyu Artist

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