Review: ‘The Double’ Finale and Epilogue Explained

Review: 'The Double' Finale and Epilogue Explained

Out of curiosity, I checked out “The Double” (墨雨云间) and it turned out to be a drama that has you hooked from the start. I’m not shocked at all by its unexpected success, given that not everyone thought Wu Jinyan could deliver another hit—but she did. The male lead, Wang Xingyue, has also shot up in popularity. The show recently dropped its finale, and seriously, I binged through the final episodes. All in all, the actual ending could’ve been better, but thank goodness for that sweet epilogue that made up for everything.

Quick Turnaround for Epilogue

Filming for this extra content took place on June 20, and despite cutting it close, the special epilogue with its five-minute runtime was released in time for the finale on June 22. It was precisely what was needed to complement the finale, with some jokingly suggesting that showrunner Yu Zheng created it to avoid backlash for the somewhat open-ended conclusion.

Liang Yong Qi and Li Meng

The Crown Princess and the Ex-Husband

In this revenge drama, viewers were eager to know if the heroine would get her revenge. The answer is a resounding yes. The Crown Princess, who schemed for the heroine’s death because of her obsession with the heroine’s then-husband Shen Yurong, ultimately meets her downfall at the hands of the very man she loves.

The Crown Princess meets her end as a pawn sacrificed to ensure the success of her brother Cheng Wang’s plan to usurp the throne. As deranged as her character was, Vivien Li Meng, the actress who played her, was truly captivating. While there’s certainly no excuse for her actions, the Crown Princess’s backstory reveals her to be a truly tragic character. A pawn until the very end, her “death” was meant to be fake. But who knows if Shen Yurong, who masterminded the plan, might have used real poison since it’s clear he wants the princess dead. She kills herself upon realizing the man she loves doesn’t love her and to hold him accountable for her death.

It turns out Shen Yurong is an even bigger villain. Once a good man, his jealousy and ruthless nature culminate in his fanatical attempt to command the Longwu Army to kill Xiao Heng. You have to love that moment when the heroine comes to Xiao Heng’s side, even if it’s just the two of them standing against an army. When they finally take down Shen Yurong, he commits suicide. All in all, Vivien Li Meng and Liang Yong Qi as the Crown Princess and the Ex-Husband make an unforgettable duo.

Xiao Heng and Xue Fangfei

Victory for the Good Guys

The good guys, led by Duke Xiao and Xue Fangfei, successfully thwart Cheng Wang’s conspiracy, allowing Xiao Heng to finally avenge his parents’ deaths. Though there are sacrifices, such as Concubine Li giving her life to save the emperor. Xue Fangfei is reunited with her family—her father finally lucid again and her brother alive—and those who wronged them meet their end. Xue Fangfei also reveals her true identity to Jiang Li’s father to do right by herself and the real Jiang Li who had long passed.

The story introduced three love interests who each have a different conclusion: the ex-husband dies, cousin Ye Shijie played by Chen Xinhai remains loyal in his one-sided love, and Duke Xiao marries Xue Fangfei. Initially, it seemed Chen Xinhai’s character might end up with Liu Xu, but her choosing to be with Jiang Jingrui seemed just right. The series really could have ended there, given Xue Fangfei’s triumphant summary of what happened to the villains, but it continued.

Chen Xinhai plays Ye Shijie

Ambiguous Reunion

Right after their wedding, Xiao Heng leaves to go to war against the Dai Kingdom. The remainder of the episode is just a final battle scene. Xiao Heng’s loyal guards Wen Ji and Lu Ji both die in battle, leaving Xiao Heng to fight alone. The scene leads to an ambiguous ending where the heroine waits for her husband, then comes a man, presumably Xiao Heng, approaching on horseback. Some might interpret this as an open ending, saying it’s not clear what happened, and some feel it’s a sad ending since Xiao Heng would have died in battle and the final scene is just the heroine’s imagination. However, it’s a happy one for me. Xiao Heng promised to return when the flowers bloom, and they are in full bloom as we see his silhouette approaching, indicating their reunion.

The Double final battle scene

Epilogue Addresses the Ending

If there was any doubt at all, Yu Zheng confirmed that it’s a happy ending. However, it’s not surprising why some have different interpretations. It was the typical ending scene Chinese dramas like to do where one waits for the other and the show abruptly ends with no visible reunion. Thank goodness for the epilogue.

The extra content shows Xue Fangfei and Xiao Heng enjoying a blissful married life with a daughter, which clearly shows that Xiao Heng lived. Additionally, it’s revealed that Xue Fangfei introduced her younger brother Xue Zhao to Jiu Yue, who’s very happy, so it looks like we got another couple here too. It’s still too bad they decided to kill off Wen Ji and Lu Ji just for the sake of it—they didn’t deserve that! And apparently, in the novel, there’s not so many deaths such as Tong Er who’s very much alive and no “ambiguous” reunion for Xiao Heng either as he came back alive for a clear reunion with the heroine.

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