Wang Xingyue’s Rising Fame in ‘The Double’ Brings Sisheng Fans

Wang XIngyue
Wang XIngyue

Talk about a livestreaming gone wrong! Whichever sisheng fan who thought obsessively calling Wang Xingyue on livestream and interrupting him in the middle of it was a great move needs to think again.

Wang Xingyue’s rising popularity this year undoubtedly marks a significant milestone in his career. The young actor has been building a solid portfolio in recent years. He’s taken on notable roles from the supporting roles in Amidst a Snowstorm of Love and Story of Kunning Palace to the male lead in Yu Zheng’s Scent of Time. As his performances garner praise, it is his leading role in The Double that’s set to catapult him to popularity. However, it’s also led to some frustrating encounters for Wang Xingyue.

What happened was, calls from sisheng fans kept coming in one after the other within seconds as he was chatting to fans on the livestream. Aside from breaking his concentration, the calls also kept cutting off the audio even as the 22-yeaar-old star continued to chat. An increasingly exasperated Wang XIngyue tried hanging up and could only look at his team off camera for help.

wang xing yue livestream

Many fans who patiently waited for the 11pm broadcast scolded the sisheng fans harassing him. “He’s really tired and hasn’t had a good rest recently. Can’t you see that? Just cut him some slack. Do you even have a heart? Respect others okay. Whatever you’re doing is useless. Please be rational” one Netizen commented on the clip which started circulating online. Another said they were stumped why there was no audio coming out and initially thought there was something wrong with their earphones. Turns out it was the sisheng fans stalking him. “Can you please stop harassing him?”

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