Ai Mi: The Teen Rising Star in C-Ent Poised for Future Leading Roles

Ai Mi
Ai Mi

She may only be 15 but teen actress Ai Mi’s pretty looks coupled with some solid acting skills makes her an up-and-comer worth keeping an eye on in the future. The actress who’ll be turning 16 next month on July 13 has drawn attention again recently as she now plays a supporting role in The Double. Despite her fairly young age, Ai Mi has managed to prove to audiences she’s not just another pretty face in the industry. Her recent crying scenes and touching performance in The Double demonstrates that she’s also got the acting chops to boot .. all whilst also being the incredibly cute “younger sister” to the heroine. **Spoilers about the fates of Ai Mi’s characters in The Double and My Journey to You discussed below.

The Teen Actress Shines in Supporting Roles

In The Double, Ai Mi plays the smart and playful maid Tong Er who first served Yang Chaoyue’s Jiang Li. Whilst they are mistress and servant on paper, they are more like sisters. When Jiang Li died, Tong Er’s sweet relationship with Wu Jinyan’s Xue Fangfei when they decide to join forces to extract revenge was also a joy to see. But wow when she died taking the knife for Xue Fangfei, that heartbreaking scene left no doubt that Ai Mi can sure deliver.

Ai Mi

Although she’s pretty young, the fresh-faced actress has had more than a decade’s worth of experience having started in the industry at the age of 6. She has transitioned from playing the “young versions” of characters to supporting roles like the “maidservant” or “younger sister.” In 2023 alone, she appeared in three dramas, all in supporting roles, yet she still managed to shine. In fact, she broke out in My Journey to You despite playing another short-lived role as Esther Yu Shuxin’s assassin younger sister Yun Que. Her character’s story was heartbreaking when it was revealed, making a significant impact despite her brief screen time.

With perseverance, hard work, and a bit of luck, there’s no doubt that Ai Mi has a bright future ahead as many expect her to step into leading female roles.

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