Wu Jinyan and Wang Xingyue: Chemistry Beyond the Age Gap – He’s Just 22

Wu Jinyan and Wang Xingyue: Chemistry Beyond the Age Gap – He's Just 22
Photos: Wu Jin Yan, Wang Xing Yue / Weibo

The drama world is abuzz lately with the hit series “The Double,” and its popularity can definitely be attributed to the chemistry between its leads, Wu Jinyan and Wang Xingyue. Together, they form a power couple, with Wu Jinyan portraying the vengeful heroine Xue Fangfei / Jiang Li and Wang Xingyue as the charismatic Duke Xiao, a ruthless strategist.

Age Gap and Initial Doubts

Interestingly, while Wu Jinyan is 33 years old, Wang Xingyue is just 22, making for a 12-year age gap between the two. Both actors are represented by their agency Huanyu, and even their boss Yu Zheng had initial doubts about their pairing. Netizens dug up how Yu Zheng once shot down their possible pairing when he wrote, “Nonsense! How can Xingyue and Jinyan be paired? It’s not a jiedilian (older woman-younger man romance)!” However, with The Double’s success, the producer was more than happy to admit his mistake, taking to social media once more to say, “I admit I was wrong, haha.

The cast during their visit to Sina Weibo HQ

Wu Jinyan’s Impressions of Wang Xingyue

On being under the same agency as Wang Xingyue for years, Wu Jinyan said she never thought she would be paired with “didi” (a term for younger brother) because of their significant age gap. But after working with him, she was impressed by his maturity, saying, “He is so mature in person. How is he so mature? He switches between Wang Xingyue and Duke Xiao Heng effortlessly.”

Fan Reaction and Filming a “Special”

Needless to say, fans are sold on the Fei Chang Xiao Zhang 菲常萧张 CP. It appears that even the showrunners are eager to please. The two stars just got together to film an extra “special” for “The Double,” and there’s also the upcoming Harper’s Bazaar photoshoot. Despite Wang Xingyue’s youth, he appears remarkably mature, which may explain the fascination with his age, some expressing doubts. It was even trending recently that he would’ve gotten into the Central Academy of Drama at just 15! Meanwhile, Wu Jinyan once again delivers the compelling heroine you want to root for. All in all, thumbs up for this casting.


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