Wang Xingyue Faces Backlash Over BE Scene of Xiao Heng Released by His Studio

Wang Xingyue Faces Backlash Over BE Clip of Xiao Heng Released by His Studio

Spoiler Alert! Wang Xingyue’s studio recently had to issue an apology over what’s turning out to be a huge blunder. They released a now-deleted clip of Wang Xingyue’s famous battle scene in “The Double,” where his character, Duke Su / Xiao Heng, outnumbered by enemies, holds up his spear while biting the jade pendant Wu Jinyan’s Xiao Fengfei gave him.

Xiao Heng “Died”

In the clip, you see Xiao Heng spit blood, the jade falls, and just this few seconds are enough to deduce that Xiao Heng was killed in battle. This sad ending contradicts how Yu Zheng had previously said it was a happy ending all along. In fact, a bonus scene was filmed at the last minute just to prove the happy ending.

However, now that it’s revealed a BE (bad ending) scene exists, Wang Xingyue and his team have drawn criticism from fans of the drama, especially those who shipped his character with Wu Jinyan’s. It’s not uncommon to “decouple” when a show’s over, but since the show literally just ended, it felt too soon. It seemed like his team wanted to please solo fans but ended up displeasing the fans of the show that made him popular.

It appears Xiao Heng was killed

Accusations of Dismantling the CP

Looks like heads will roll as a result. Yu Zheng, the boss of Wang Xingyue’s agency Huanyu, was surprised by what happened, saying he doesn’t understand fan culture at all. He was confused by the released behind-the-scenes footage and criticized it, as he also didn’t understand the logic behind Wang Xingyue’s team’s explanation that it was the actor’s big moment. Yu Zheng reiterated that it’s really a happy ending, the sad ending is not in the script, and was just added by the director to have an alternate choice. Yu Zheng pretty much said he intends to fire people. He also asked fans to stop conspiracy theories about Wang Xingyue, saying he just follows the direction PR points him to. “He’s just a kid, what does he know?”

Apparently, to “purify,” which basically means dismantling the couple pairing, is a step actors take. Yu Zheng says he doesn’t care about that but agrees with the criticism towards the footage because it’s a deleted scene he didn’t allow to be released. Meanwhile, Yu Zheng has said that he intends for Wang Xingyue and Wu Jinyan to collaborate on another project.


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