Chris Chiu Breakout Role in BL Drama ‘Unknown’ Begets Stalker Fan

Chris Chiu Breakout Role in BL Drama 'Unknown' Begets Stalker Fan

Chris Chiu, also known as Modi, is no stranger to the entertainment industry. Having ventured into Taiwanese boy bands, hosting, and acting, he is also recognized as the younger brother of Prince Chiu. However, it was his portrayal of the lead role in the 2024 BL drama “Unknown” (關於未知的我們) that garnered attention. Despite not appearing to be a big budget, the Taiwanese series has received rave reviews from viewers. Unfortunately, the 33-year-old actor’s surge in popularity has brought along its challenges. On May 12, he posted an IG Story to address a concerning issue over stalkers, stating, “You have disrupted my life!”

Addressing Stalker Fan Behavior

Chris Chiu went on to recount an unsettling encounter with a persistent fan outside his home. The fan initially claimed it was a coincidence they ran into each other and requested an autograph, which Chiu obliged. However, the fan continued to show up at his residence a few days later, followed him around and even asked for him to sign a photo book. Chiu expressed frustration saying he refused to comply with the request again. He wrote, “You have disturbed my life.” He also remained firm about his personal space and boundaries when he said, “It really feels my temperament being over 30 is a lot different! But that doesn’t mean you can have no limits.” He even said that had it been during his boyband days as part of JPM, she’d have received an even harsher scolding from him!

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Growing List of Dramas Based on BL Novels by Priest

In the Taiwanese BL drama “Unknown,” Chris Chiu and Kurt Huang portray the characters Wei Qian and Wei Zhi Yuan, respectively, who eventually develop romantic feelings for each other despite being brothers by adoption, though not related by blood. The series is adapted from the novel “Da Ge” (lit. Big Brother) by Priest, renowned for her diverse literary genres but particularly known for her danmei works. Priest’s novels have inspired numerous successful drama adaptations, such as “Guardian,” “Word of Honor,” “Guardians of the Lands,” “Winner is King,” and “Justice in the Dark.”

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