Another Priest Novel Lands a Drama Adaptation in Guardians of the Lands Starring Chen Xingxu and Chen Muchi

Of Mountains and Rivers Chen Xingxu and Chen Muchi

Author Priest did it again! Her BL novel Of Mountains and Rivers 山河表里 is the next to be picked up and turned into a drama series entitled Guardians of the Lands which will star Chen Xingxu and Chen Muchi.

With so many of her stories already adapted for the small screens, I’d like to say that today’s kick-off announcement was a bolt out of the blue. But really, it’s just a culmination of all those rumours that have been teasing this collaboration as early as January. Besides, with all the buzz from Word of Honour – the successful drama adaption of her book Faraway Wanderers/Tian Ya Ke 天涯客, it’s hardly surprising anymore to see enterprising studios wanting to have another hit in their hands run to her first.

Of Mountains and Rivers kinda picks up on the lost ancient city vibes like the Lost City of Z or El Dorado for its setting with a story that follows its protagonists Chu Huan, a former secret agent and Nan Shan, the leader of a clan protecting a mountain. Whilst running after the leader of a big drug cartel, Chu Huan accidentally stumbles upon the entrance to a strange world after falling off a cliff. Thus begins his adventure in an extraordinary place with Nan Shan by his side.


Speaking of the drama’s cast both Chen Xingxu and Chen Muchi were papped attending the low key boot ceremony on April 2, 2021. Chen Xingxu made quite an impression amongst viewers in his drama Goodbye My Princess despite playing the very unchivalrous jerk hero Li Chengyin and causing the heroine Xiao Feng endless amounts of hurt. Regardless, it appears people are still pretty excited to see him play Chu Huan which they say suits his acting skills and good looks.

Meanwhile, industry newcomer Chen Muchi portrays the role of gatekeeper Nan Shan. Although the actor is still a rookie when it comes to acting experience having just one film, the yet-to-be released Fengshen, under his belt, I expect that’ll be changing soon if Guardians of the Lands manages to live up to the Priest hype and puts the spotlight directly on its two stars!

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