Another BL Adapted Drama Gets the Green Light as Priest’s Sha Po Lang Will Star Tan Jianci and Chen Zheyuan

Another BL Adapted Drama Gets the Green Light as Priest
Speaking of 2021 shaping up to be a good year for BL adaptations, rumblings in dramaland of another Priest novel being turned into a drama was finally confirmed today as one of her most popular works Sha Po Lang 杀破, a historical fantasy about a gentle prince and a formidable general suffering from bouts of blindness and deafness, is next up to bat.
As for its cast, today’s announcement also confirmed the two male leads headlining the show. There’s Winter Begonia actor Tan Jianci who will be playing the famed commander Gu Yun and actor Chen Zheyuan from the 2020 remake of Handsome Siblings as the emperor’s son Chang Geng. Parallel Love’s Li Hongyi and actress Sun Anke round up the cast to portray Chen Yi and Chen Qing Qiu respectively.

Another BL Adapted Drama Gets the Green Light as Priest
Thanks to the recent successes of BL adaptations and the ongoing paparazzi storm for the super anticipated drama Immortality/ Hao Yixing 皓衣行 paving the way, it’s unsurprising to see enterprising studios on the lookout for the next potential hit turn to the works of the famed BL novelist Priest. Bet she must be feeling quite chuffed at the moment with the coup she’s managed to pull off here, what with two of her novels Legend of Fei and Faraway WanderersTian Ya Ke 天涯客 currently in the midst of production work, and now also managing to snap up another for the adaptation of Sha Po Lang into drama. 
Another BL Adapted Drama Gets the Green Light as Priest
However, it’s also worth noting that the current spotlight on BL adaptations might also backfire for the dramas that have yet to air. If you’re a big fan of the genre, best to remain cautiously optimistic at this point because there have been rumours that a potential ban on BL adaptations might be happening in the foreseeable future. As you know, if there’s too much of anything or if any genre becomes too popular, there’s a danger of it getting restricted or banned. But really anything can happen, so make sure to keep your fingers crossed and here’s hoping everything works out well in the end.
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