Chen Xingxu Breaks Hearts As The Hated Hero of Goodbye My Princess

Goodbye My Princess Chen Xingxu Peng Xiaoran
In almost every show we watch, particularly in dramas, there’s always a character whom we love to hate.  Most of the time, it’s the conniving antagonist, other times it’s the spineless side character and in rare occasions, it’s the hero.  In Goodbye My Princess 东宫, the male lead is the one drawing ire for being the biggest jerk ever. Warning: This contains spoilers from early episodes. 

Goodbye My Princess cdrama Chen Xingxu
Chen Xingxu plays Li Chengyin, the 5th prince who is handsome, charming, smart but no knight in shining armor to Xiao Feng, the princess played by Peng Xiaoran.  
Goodbye My Princess cdrama Chen Xingxu Peng Xiaoran
In an effort to secure his position in court, Li Chengyin assumes another identity to get close to Xiao Feng and gain her trust. They marry, yet their wedding day also marks a tragic day. He becomes directly responsible for the death of Xiao Feng’s family despite being saved by her and owing her his life.  The trauma he causes is so great that Xiao Feng willingly jumps into a river of forgetfulness to erase all of their past memories. 
Goodbye My Princess cdrama Chen Xingxu
Goodbye My Princess cdrama Peng Xiaoran
For using Xiao Feng, betraying their vows and worse, massacring an entire tribe, Li Chengyin takes the crown as a most hated protagonist. Goodbye My Princess is based on a novel by Fei Wo Si Cun, an author arguably known for her heartbreaking romance stories. Did you get your tissues out yet? 
Goodbye My Princess cdrama
Goodbye My Princess cdrama
The drama has spawned several memes poking fun at Li Chengyin’s idea of love as the kind of love that’s full of lies, kills an entire family, you get the gist. Most people often wish for a happy ending but in this one, many believe the male lead deserves to live the rest of his life alone or be killed by Xiao Feng. What do you guys think of Li Chengyin as a character? Do you love him or hate him?
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