Zhang Zhehan Mobbed By People in Front of Hotel

Zhang Zhehan Mobbed By Fans in Front of Hotel

It hasn’t even been a day since Simon Gong Jun was mobbed by a crowd at the airport on March 13. That same night, Zhang Zhehan found a swarm of people waiting for him in front of his hotel. His fame has similarly risen since starring in Word of Honor with the actor’s weibo following nearing 13 million as of late.

As he got out of the car, Zhang Zhehan was met by daipai (people who are paid by others to take photos and videos of celebrities on their behalf) and livestream broadcasters holding up their phones to get a glimpse of the actor while he and a staff tried to make their way to the hotel entrance.

Statement from Zhang Zhehan’s Official Fan Club

Zhang Zhehan Mobbed By Fans in Front of Hotel
Refrain from engaging in any sisheng (obsessive) behavior

In response to the incident, Zhang Zhehan’s official fan club immediately issued a notice around midnight: “With regards to the recent public disorder at the airport and hotel. The announcement is as follows:

  1. Refrain from disseminating itinerary and address that have not been officially disclosed;
  2. Refrain from sharing photos and videos from the airport security check, the baggage claim, the boarding gate, the bridge, the shuttle bus, the flight line and the plane cabin on the Weibo Super Topic.
  3. Refrain from publishing media that disrupts public order and reflects uncivilized star-chasing behavior on the Weibo Super Topic.
  4. Refrain from following cars / flights, waiting at hotels and other undisclosed work locations or private venues;
  5. Blacklist any unofficial livestream broadcast that include but are not limited to streams from the set and getting to and from work;
  6. Refrain from making any contact through all unofficial activities;
  7. Please keep a safe distance, refrain from taking photos up close with the phone on the face, refrain from using flash.

❗❗❗❗Punishment regulations❗❗❗❗
First-time offenders will will be blocked for three days, serious offenders will be permanently blocked and prohibited from participating in any activities.

Hope that everyone can supervise each other. If you catch anything, please send a private message to the host, thank you for your cooperation.

Hope that everyone can pay more attention to Haizhe Baobao’s (Zhang Zhehan) works and chase stars logically. Consciously maintain order in public places and protect Zhehan’s safety.”

Statement from Zhang Zhehan’s Studio

zhang zhehan zhou zishu
Let me see who has not gone home.

Zhang Zhehan’s studio also issued a firm reminder: “Don’t block the hotel, pay attention to safety, good night! Little follower: acting as a stern mouthpiece for the boss.”

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