After Calling Out a Stalker, Simon Gong Jun is Hounded by Fans at the Airport

Simon Gong Jun Hounded by Fans at the Airport

Simon Gong Jun who entered the entertainment industry in 2015 and has starred in several projects in recent years has seen a surge of popularity after playing Wen Ke Xing in the wuxia series Word of Honor. Less than a month since the show premiered, the actor has broken 10 million followers on the Chinese microblogging site Weibo and even shared a photo of his very defined abs as a thank you to fans.

Simon Gong Jun Hounded by Fans at the Airport

Alas, popularity seems to be a double-edged sword. On March 13, Gong Jun drew a large crowd at the airport as he took a flight from Beijing to Hangzhou. Upon his arrival at Hangzhou airport, chaos ensued. Gong Jun was hounded by fans and daipai (paid photographers) holding up their phones along with vloggers who streamed the scene live. Gong Jun who found himself swept along by the crowd even helped up a fan who fell to the ground.

Simon Gong Jun Hounded by Fans at the Airport

The night before the incident, Gong Jun had taken to social media to call out a sisheng (stalker) that checked in his flight for him and tried to assign his seat. He wrote, “Can you stop checking in for me, this time, it’s not Wen Ke Xing spitting blood, I am spitting blood!!! (Have been going back and forth with you all afternoon to change this four times, wouldn’t it be awkward if I see you tomorrow?)”

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When asked whether there is anything that upsets him since his rise to fame, Gong Jun had admitted in a previous interview that having more fans at the airport has disrupted everyone. He called on them again to say: “Hope that everyone will try not to come to the airport, it could hinder others and it’s also a health risk to yourself. Because of the pandemic, do not form crowds, secondly, it would disturb tourists and passengers.

Given what has happened despite his warnings, Gong Jun took to Instagram with a song from Taiyi 太一 entitled, “Run for Our Lives Together (lit.) 一起逃命.”

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