“Guardian” Actor Zhu Yilong Gets His Big Break

Guardian actor Zhu Yilong
Zhu Yilong‘s popularity has reached an all-time high recently as his followers increased 50 times from 100,000 to over 5 million followers!  So who is he?

Guardian actor Zhu Yilong
Zhu Yilong had his start almost 10 years ago in Ye Lang. He’s been in several productions since then in dramas like Border Town Prodigal and As Flowers Fade And Fly Across The Sky. It wasn’t until a few years ago that he started to get recognized. He’s quite good looking (reminds me of a young and slimmer Tony Leung) and a great actor so it’s puzzling that he isn’t more successful. 
Guardian actor Zhu Yilong
He’s currently starring in Guardian opposite Bai Yu which premiered on Youku last June 13. It has already hit 1 billion views as of last Tuesday! The show may not be that great overall with low Douban ratings of 6.6, but fans are loving him and the show’s main bromance. 
Zhu Yilong is definitely getting more exposure now and even won 2018 Weibo Nights Most Popular Actor Award.
Guardian actor Zhu Yilong
Unfortunately, life is not without it’s downside, his management recently issued a statement that people from his studio were let go from the company, which led to criticism that the actor is only finally getting his big break and yet his own company seems to be messing with him by changing up his team.
There’s also the issue of fans trying to raise 100,000 yuan through a site similar to Gofundme. The fans were able to collect 3x the target amount but the act of raising money for the actor drew mixed responses.  His management company thanked fans for their support, apologized and promised to return the money.
Nevertheless, Zhu Yilong is trending all the same. I am glad he is finally getting the attention and the love he deserves! It was a longer road for him to reach where he is now but I am sure, the success is sweeter because he worked hard for it. Congrats on the newfound fame! He also has a big drama coming up as he plays second lead in Zhao Liying’s upcoming drama, The Story of Minglan
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