Tony Leung Winning Best Actor For The 6th Time Among The Highlights Of Hong Kong Film Awards 2024

Tony Leung Winning Best Actor for the 6th Time Among the Highlights of Hong Kong Film Awards 2024

The 42nd Hong Kong Film Awards ceremony was held on April 14th; and the big winner of the night was “The Goldfinger” with Tony Leung winning Best Actor for the 2023 crime drama film.

Six Times Tony Leung Won Best Actor

Tony Leung emerged victorious with his performance in “The Goldfinger”, marking his sixth win in the Best Actor category at Hong Kong Film Awards, following his previous wins for “Chungking Express” (1995), “Happy Together” (1997), “In the Mood for Love” (2000), “Infernal Affairs” (2002), and “2046” (2005), reclaiming the title after a 19-year gap.

Tony Leung thanks wife Carina Lau

Remembering to Thank His Wife and Manager

The 61-year-old actor, who was filming in Germany, couldn’t attend the ceremony in person, so he joined virtually via video call, while his wife actress Carina Lau who also serves as his manager nowadays accepted the award on his behalf on stage. It led to some amusing interactions, as the actor, both shyly and sincerely, delivered his acceptance speech, thanking everyone he could think of. After a significant pause, contemplating who else to acknowledge, he humorously remarked, “Of course, I thank you, right?”His wife jokingly questioned whether he meant her or the other presenters onstage, to which he clarified, “You, Carina,” eliciting laughter from the audience.

Carina Lau joked that many people would probably remark “it’s him again” at the actor’s nth win, but she went on to praise Tony Leung’s dedication to his craft, calling him a great actor who would give 500%, 1000% effort where others would give 100%. Tony Leung modestly responded that he’s just good not great and told his wife, “Don’t say that, don’t say that, it’s okay.”

Angelababy rare appearance

Hong Kong Film Awards Highlights

Angelababy, previously rumored to have been banned from the mainland due to allegedly watching a controversial show, made a rare appearance at the Hong Kong Film Awards and presented the “Best Asian Chinese-Language Film” award alongside Stephen Fung. The win ultimately went to the Taiwanese film “The Pig, The Snake and the Pigeon” starring Ethan Ruan.

Hong Kong action star Sammo Hung, who started his career as a martial arts choreographer, was honored with the “Lifetime Achievement Award” at this year’s ceremony. The award was presented to him by Sylvia Chang, who handed it over personally. Emotional during his acceptance speech, Sammo Hung expressed gratitude for his over 60 years in the film industry, thanking his supporters and acknowledging the role of his ex-wife Jo Yun Ok for giving birth to their 4 kids and current wife Joyce Godenzi for “taking care of him the past 40 years.”

The award for “Best Film” went to the “A Guilty Conscience, which grossed HK$114.2 million at the Hong Kong box office. The actors for “In Broad Daylight” won other major categories such as Jennifer Yu for Best Actress, veteran actor David Chiang (John Chiang) for Best Supporting Actor and Rachel Leung for Best Supporting Actress, respectively.

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