Tony Leung Ends 20-Year Partnership with Wong Kar-Wai

Tony Leung The Grandmaster
It’s the end of an era for Hong Kong movie fans as Tony Leung ends his 20-year contract with Wong Kar Wai’s talent management company. 

Wong Kar Wai shared a bittersweet post with a poster of Happy Together 春光乍洩. It was their first project together back in 1997 with the late Leslie Cheung. Tony won Best Actor for the Hong Kong Film Award and Golden Bauhinia Award that year for his role in the movie. 
tony leung leslie cheung happy together
In the post, he shared that a friend entrusted Tony with him many years ago and now, after so many years of shared history, they are completely returning Tony to her. They are extremely satisfied.
Wong Kar Wai happy together
The “her” being referred to in the post is Carina Lau, Tony’s wife since they married on 21 July 2008 and currently, temporary manager.  Incidentally, Carina Lau has recently put up a production company that also includes talent management.
Tony Leung Carina Lau wife
Over the span of 20 years, Wong Kar Wai and Tony Leung collaborated on quite a number of movies like Days of Being Wild (1990) with Andy Lau, Maggie Cheung and Leslie Cheung. There was also Chungking Express (1994) with Faye Wong and Brigitte Lin. Ashes of Time (1994) with Leslie Cheung and Brigitte Lin and recently in 2016, with Takeshi Kaneshiro in See You Tomorrow.
On a side note, June 27 is Tony’s birthday so advance Happy Birthday, Tony! 
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