Jackie Chan Turns 70, Reflects on Sammo Hung’s Words, ‘Growing Old is a Fortunate Thing’

Jackie Chan Turns 70, Reflects on Sammo Hung's Words, 'Growing Old is a Fortunate Thing'
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Jackie Chan, the legendary martial artist and actor, recently celebrated a milestone birthday as he turned 70 on April 7th. In a heartfelt message to his fans around the globe, Chan expressed both gratitude and reflection on his remarkable journey spanning over six decades in the entertainment industry.

In his message, Chan candidly acknowledges the surprise of reaching the age of 70, saying, “Every time I hear this number, my heart would stop for a second – l’m 70 years old already? After recovering from the shock, the second thing that would come to my mind is a saying that my big brother, fellow actor Sammo Hung, once said: “being able to grow old is a fortunate thing.”” It’s a sentiment that resonates deeply with Chan especially for stunt performers like them.

Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung
Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung in their younger days

Addressing Concerns About “Growing Old”

The international star also addressed concerns about his health raised by recent photos circulating on the internet where he appears to have aged, Chan assures fans that his appearance is merely for a character in his latest film. He wrote, “I want to take this opportunity to let everyone know, don’t worry!… The character requires me to have white hair, white beard and look old. Over the years, I’ve always been willing to try new things for a movie, no matter if it’s a challenging stunt or a breakthrough appearance for a character.”

Previously, 72-year-old actor Sammo Hung, who shares a long-standing history with Jackie Chan even before entering the film industry, addressed criticisms about the two legends getting old. His response was, “Who doesn’t get old? Everyone gets old. Jackie Chan is old, and he’s very happy. That’s good enough.”

Jackie Chan Photo

Known for his dedication to his craft, Chan emphasizes his willingness to embrace new challenges and cherish every moment that he’s still filming. Reflecting on his illustrious career, Chan’s message is accompanied by a selection of memorable photos, each a reminder of the countless experiences throughout the actor’s journey in the film industry. He also said a big thank you for everyone’s birthday wishes.

Happy birthday, Jackie Chan, and here’s to many more years of cinematic greatness!

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