Ethan Ruan Praised for Amazing Performance in “The Pig, The Snake and the Pigeon”… Except Some Confuse Him with Ming Dao

Ming Dao
Ethann Ruan Praised for Amazing Performance in "The Pig, The Snake and the Pigeon"

After its initial release in October 2023, Taiwanese film The Pig, The Snake and The Pigeon 周處除三害appears to be experiencing a huge resurgence in popularity this 2024 as it makes its way to theatres in the mainland and on Netflix. The film has done so well it’s hit number one on Netflix Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan. It also currently tops the Chinese box office.

As the most talked about Chinese-language film in recent days, stars Ethan Ruan, Ben Yuen, Chen Yi-wen, Gingle Wang, and Lee Lee-zen have drawn lots of praise for their acting. Ethan in fact has been lauded for his amazing performance. He plays a gangster with cancer who learns he’s the third most wanted fugitive. Determined to go out on top, he sets out in a bloody rampage to eliminate the top two criminals. Many are calling it his best acting yet. Funnily enough, maybe the production should also add Ming Dao’s name on the casting line-up since he keeps being mistaken for the protagonist of the film!

Ethan Ruan and Ming Dao
Left: Ethan and Right: Ming Dao
Photos: 阮經天 and 明道 / Weibo

What do you guys think? Are Ethan and Ming Dao on-screen twinsies? Many appear to think so. This even led to an embarrassed Ming Dao asking Ethan what he should do. “I think I need to clarify something, what to do, Xiao Tian? (Ethan) I’ve been getting praise for my performance in The Pig, The Snake and The Pigeon. Is there any way you can help clear this up?” he wrote on social media.

The 44-year-old actor explained how he didn’t quite know what to say to people excitedly coming up to him. “That is.. how do I tell them that it’s you in the film, and not me?” Ming Dao said. “Let’s put our heads together to think of something okay?” Ming Dao also didn’t forget to congratulate Ethan on his work.

To be fair though, it’s not only Ming Dao who gets mistaken for Ethan. 41-year-old Ethan who first rose to fame in Fated to Love You previously shared he also gets confused for the The Prince Who Turns into a Frog star. Both incidentally starred opposite Joe Chen. Just ask Ethan’s own grandparents whom he once revealed mistook photos of Ming Dao for photos of him.

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