Joe Chen Shares BTS Photo As Netizens Say She Looks Unrecognizable in “Wu Geng Ji”

Joe Chen as Bai Long
Photos: Joe Chen / Weibo and Xiaohongshu

I can’t get over how different and practically unrecognisable Joe Chen is in the newly-released character posters for the upcoming fantasy series Wu Geng Ji 烈焰之武庚. This is the live action adaptation of a popular manhua which also has a donghua (animated series) out in the market! It’s always amazing how makeup (and a wig!) can totally transform the way you look. But wow, had Joe’s name not been on the poster, I totally wouldn’t have been able to tell it’s her. And I’m not the only one to think that. Netizens left comments saying it has to be photoshop that went overboard as #Didn’tRecognizeChenQiaoEn trended on Chinese social media. Others even went with the plastic surgery theory to explain why she looks so different.

One thing’s for sure, and it’s that production tried hard to translate how her character looks in the animation to the live version beginning with the pale skin and white hair. Even her costume seems to echo the animated version with her pale greyish lavender (or is that white) dress and her myriad of gold accessories. Why, even wearing street clothes whilst on the makeup chair in the BTS photo that she shared, Joe herself said she still had to get used to looking the way she is with her wig on!

Photos: Wu Geng Ji animation vs live action

Joe Chen appears in the live action adaptation of Wu Geng Ji as a guest star playing Bai Long. And, you’ll never guess who also joins her with a guest spot on the series! Ten points if you guessed Ming Dao! The other half to their iconic The Prince Who Turns into a Frog couple pairing plays Heng Gu. Longtime fans will no doubt be feeling a wee bit nostalgic seeing them onscreen once again. However, Joe’s Bai Long is the wife of Tian / Hei Long who is played by Xu Zhengxi in the upcoming series.

Wu Geng Ji Joe Chen, Xu Zhengxi and Ming Dao
Photos: Lie Wu Zhi Wu Geng Ji / Weibo

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