Allen Ren Jialun Had to Dub His Own Voice Over a Short Period of Time for “Burning Flames”

Allen Ren Jialun Had to Dub His Own Voice Over a Short Period of Time for "Burning Flames"

Allen Ren Jialun’s newest drama “Burning Flames” which is based on the comic Wu Geng Ji aired at a time when competition is stiff with offerings such as Legend of Shen Li, War of Faith, and even a dark horse with In Blossom. Given its unique story and look alongside occasionally cheesy CGI, it has garnered solid fans internationally. However, its performance in China falls short of expectations. The 34-year-old actor recently addressed critiques aimed at the style and dialogue of the series.

Insights on the Character and Dubbing Challenges

Offering his insights, he pointed out that not everything in the comics can seamlessly transition to the screen. Allen Ren emphasizes the significance of maintaining fidelity to the original character, asserting that a beggar can’t look good while a prince can’t look bad. As such, he had one requirement when it comes to how his character should look: a prince is a prince, a beggar is a beggar.

Reflecting on the dubbing process for “Burning Flames,” Allen Ren acknowledges the challenges he faced. He said they had to dub everything in a very short period of time, so his condition fluctuated. He attributes the quality of his dialogue delivery to his physical condition during filming, noting that when his body was in optimal condition, he’d do well. However, he candidly admits that fatigue or physical strain can hinder his delivery, resulting in weaker lines and possible breathlessness.

Allen Ren’s Commitment to Improving as an Actor

Despite the challenges, the actor is open to criticism. He said, “I believe if people are paying attention and offering suggestions, that’s a good thing. I’m not one to lie flat and be content; I accept any suggestion and am actively listening to everyone’s input to improve myself and become better. I hope that I can work hard to meet expectations.” Some appreciate the adaptation despite its flaws, while others praise Allen Ren for his acting skills and his willingness to address criticisms sincerely.

Source: Movie Time / CCTV 6

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