“Burning Flames” Airdrops Its Premiere Tonight – March 13

"Burning Flames" to Airdrop Its Premiere Tonight - March 13

The live-action adaptation of The Legend and the Hero entitled Burning Flames 烈焰之武庚纪 is set to premiere on March 13! Despite the last minute announcement to airdrop its premiere tonight on iQIYI, it also comes as no surprise, especially considering the abundance of recent promos.

Burning Flames highlight Allen Ren as the star of the show. His character, Wu Geng, is a prince who becomes a slave after his nation falls. Despite adversity, he seeks revenge and leads humans to fight against the gods for freedom. It also features Fair Xing, Bambi Zhu, Yan Yikuan, Theo Zhu and Merxat Yalkun in lead roles. Jiang Xin takes a special starring role while Liu Xiening rounds up the main cast.

Burning Flames supporting cast

Burning Flames looks poised to enthrall audiences of all ages promising a xuanhuan experience with its action-packed storyline and special effects. Despite the characters’ appearances having a somewhat ‘cartoonish‘ style, it appears to be an effort to remain faithful to the essence of the original manhua/donghua source material. It also features a star-studded ensemble including Joe Chen, Xu Zhengxi, Peter Ho, Ming Dao, Yumiko Cheng, and Ren Mingkai. It arrives amidst the buzz surrounding The Legend of Shen Li, which is also gearing up for its premiere a few days later on March 18. With both belonging to the historical fantasy genre, comparisons between the two are inevitable.

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