Zhu Xudan in Casting Controversy Over Yu Zheng’s New Historical Drama “Perfect Match”

31-year-old actress Zhu Xudan, recently found herself at the center of a brewing storm because of Perfect Match 五福临门, the newest project from Yu Zheng. Every time the outspoken producer has a new production, it seems drama enthusiasts can brace themselves for the unexpected. The initial revelation hinted at Zhu Xudan being part of the cast, a move that stirred anticipation. However, the plot thickened when, just a week later, the promotional posters mysteriously swapped Zhu Xudan for Wu Xuanyi, sparking discontent among fans who feel the sudden change was unfair.

Livestream Confessions: Yu Zheng’s Side of the Story

The drama didn’t stop at the poster switch, but further escalated during a livestream to promote Perfect Match, whiich unveiled Wang Xingyue and Lu Yuxiao as leads and Wu Xuanyi joining the cast. Yu Zheng addressed the casting controversy, revealing intriguing details that pointed to Zhu Xudan despite not naming her directly.

According to him, “a certain actress was very enthusiastic, extremely enthusiastic. She found the script appealing and didn’t care about billing order. At that time, the female lead wasn’t cast yet, but when I discussed the character with this actress, she said it didn’t matter to her; she just wanted to act.” Yu Zheng mentioned that she’s both beautiful and talented, so he thought, why not give her the opportunity.

At one point, the actress told him that she even rejected a female lead role in another project for this one. However, Yu Zheng claims this actress suddenly dropped out, that she took the female lead in another project and disappeared right before the shoot of Perfect Match. He added, “It was a bit alarming,” which is why he has nothing but praises for Wu Xuanyi, hailed as a savior by Yu Zheng for stepping in as a replacement.

It Has Ignited Intense Debate

screencap of chat records

Yu Zheng’s comments during the livestream further fueled the fire, the top comment was one that accused him of being “bitter.” Yu Zheng did not back down and claims that even the actress’s agency is not siding with her. He went on to reveal chat records with Ruoyao from Jaywalk Studio, which is Zhu Xudan’s agency. The conversation saw him complaining about the artist having a bad character and lack of integrity while the latter apologized and tried to placate his anger saying “the chance to play female lead must’ve gotten to her head” and that they’re mad too.

Yu Zheng’s beef with Zhu Xudan has ignited intense debates. A number of netizens felt for Zhu Xudan saying it was inappropriate of Yu Zheng to reveal the chat records and to put the actress on the spot. Some defend that it’s normal for an actress to choose the better option for her especially when a contract hasn’t been signed. They also feel it’s impossible her agency didn’t know. Others believe the choice makes sense given Zhu Xudan would end up playing a supporting role to a much newer artist, 24-year-old actress Lu Yuxiao, from her recent fame in My Journey to You, had she stayed on. Likewise, there are also those who side with Yu Zheng as they feel that the actress should’ve stuck with the role she intended to play instead of dropping out.

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