Yang Mi Leaves Jaywalk Studio After More than a Decade

Yang Mi
Yang Mi
Photo: Yang Mi Studio / Weibo

On May 8, Yang Mi and her agency Jaywalk Studio simultaneously announced the superstar’s departure from her industry “home” for more than a decade.  “A shared past, and our own futures” she wrote. Jaywalk meanwhile wrote. “Experiencing and growing through more than a decade’s worth of ups and downs together, deeply thankful and grateful. We wish you all the best for the future. Take good care of yourself.” The announcement validates long-running rumours about the actress’s departure.

Trending on Weibo Hot Search

Yang Mi's photo removed from Jaywalk
Yang Mi’s photo has been removed.

The news shot up to number one on Weibo hot search, and the 36-year-old actress also continued to trend throughout the day from Yang Mi changing her profile photo to Yang Mi studio removing Jiaxing 嘉行 (Jaywalk’s Chinese name) from their handle. Netizens also noticed that Jaywalk deleted Yang Mi’s photos from their past posts now that her departure is official although photos of other artists who have left remain. Among the trending topics was how Jaywalk’s legal representative Zeng Jia used to be Yang Mi’s agent. Some Netizens remarked how they thought Yang Mi was the boss of the company.

Reception from fans appear to be positive thus far with many celebrating the change and wishing her well in her next chapter. It can be remembered that Yang Mi’s fans have long been taking issue against Jaywalk’s strategy when it comes to their idol. In the past, they’ve spoken up against the Studio constantly partnering her up with Jaywalk newbies to take advantage of her star power even if it doesn’t help with her own growth as an actress.

Jaywalk Shares

If you’re wondering about what will happen now to Yang Mi’s shares in the company with her exit, media reports that Yang Mi is still holding on to them. Supposedly, the actress is the third largest shareholder with 15.19% ownership in the company. However, you’ve got to wonder what the departure of one of their biggest assets will do to its bottom line and how it’ll affect investor confidence on the company’s longevity.

Who’s Still with Jaywalk

At present, Jaywalk still remains the home of three of its “first generation” artists like Dilraba Dilmurat, Leon Zhang Yunlong and Vengo Gao Weiqiang. Li Xirui was among the first to leave in 2018, Vin Zhang Binbin and Maggie Huang who were also part of the first generation of artists who signed with Jaywalk left the company in 2022 and 2023 respectively.

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