Zhang Binbin Leaves Jaywalk After 10 Years

Zhang Binbin Leaves Jaywalk After 10 Years

Vin Zhang Binbin bids adieu to his Jaywalk family as he announces today that he will not be renewing his contract with the management company. Taking to social media to announce the news, Zhang Binbin paid homage to his former agency of 10 years when he said:

Walking the same road together for 10 years, I am grateful to Jaywalk Studio for the love and for nurturing me. Thank you all for supporting and respecting my decision when I said the boy is all grown up and wants to go his own way into the world to make his fortune. In the future, I will always return “home” (a play on Jaywalk’s character 嘉 which sounds the same as “home”). I believe we will all grow and develop into something better. The future me will never forget my original intentions, and will continue to work hard at giving everyone better works.”

Zhang Binbin Statement

At the heels of his statement, Jaywalk also issued one of their own wishing Zhang Binbin much luck in his future endeavours and that he’s welcome back at Jaywalk anytime.

Jaywalk wishes zhang binbin good luck

Since signing with the company back in 2012, Vin has been steadily growing in popularity with the roles he’s taken on in dramas such as Storm Eye with Jaywalk boss Yang Mi . Let’s not forget him starring in The King’s Woman with fellow Jaywalk artiste Dilraba Dilmurat and the more recent Rattan with actress Jing Tian. Vin also caught viewer’s attention in supporting roles for the popular hit Eternal Love and Love O2O just to name a few.

Can’t wait to see what the actor has up his sleeve as he embarks on his new journey.

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