Rattan Screenwriter Says She Created Two Equally Strong Characters for Jing Tian and Vin Zhang to Portray

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Regardless of what many Rattan 司藤 viewers may think, the show’s screenwriter reaffirms that it is a story that showcases strong characters for both its male and female leads.

Jing Tian and Vin Zhang Binbin’s fantasy drama Rattan, based on a novel by Wei Yu 尾鱼, has been airing to rave reviews amongst viewers in love with a great many things about the show. From the sizzling onscreen chemistry between its two leads to its gorgeous aesthetics, to the show’s amazing cinematography and the fantasy elements of its plot, viewers heartily approve.

Jing Tian as Si Teng in Rattan

However, what makes the show standout even more is the refreshing change from the usual fare of domineering male leads that modern dramas continue to serve up. Viewers have commented that Si Teng’s bold “take no prisoners” badass attitude was one of the things that drew them in even more to the story. Upon her awakening by Qin Fang’s blood, she “commanded” Qin Fang to become her servant.

Vin Zhang’s Qin Fang too adds another layer of complexity to the tale because despite his independent and strong personality, he usually lets Si Teng take the lead. It takes a man secure enough in himself to appreciate and support the strengths of an equally strong woman… so much so that he usually lets Si Teng get her way.

This actually goes hand in hand with what Rattan’s screenwriter Li Min has already said about the characters she has created, that unlike people’s assumption that it’s a story about a strong woman and a weak man, “Qin Fang’s character goes more in line with the eastern virtue of men. He is gentle and strong while at the same time also very tolerant. His strength is based on being very confident – I already know I am strong so I don’t shy away from asking Si Teng to protect me, I don’t mind showing weakness in front of women”.

Vin Zhang as Qin Fang in Rattan

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