Li Xirui first among the batch of artists to leave Jaywalk Studio

Li Xirui first among the batch of artists to leave Jaywalk Studio
Li Xirui
Whenever Jaywalk Studio is mentioned, it’s natural to think of Yang Mi who has been the face of the company in addition to being one of the founders and a stockholder. The company’s success over the years is for everyone to see now that many of its stars like Dilraba Dilmurat, Vin Zhang Binbin, Leon Lai Yi, Liu Ruilin, Maggie Huang, Daisy Dai SiBambi Zhu Xudan and Vengo Gao Weiguang are starting to make a name for themselves. 

Li Xirui who signed with Jaywalk in 2013 around the same time as Dilireba and Vengo is the first among the group to leave the company. 

Li Xirui leaves Jaywalk Studio
She recently changed her weibo profile from ‘Actress signed under Jaywalk Studio’ to simply ‘Actress’ and on Aug 1st, she wrote a message that reads, “Thank you for having met, thank you for being a companion. August, how are you.”  Jaywalk Studio later confirmed that Li Xirui had indeed ended her contract amicably and that they support her future endeavors outside the company. 
Li Xirui visits Dilraba Liu Shan Men

Li Xirui visits Dilraba Liu Shan Men
It’s always somewhat bittersweet to see partings as Li Xirui has been known to be friends with the other Jaywalk ladies like Dilireba whom she would even visit on set while filming another drama. 

Yang Mi Li Xirui Les Interpretes
Li Xirui Dilireba Pretty Li Huizhen
Li Xirui has played a supporting role in Les Interpretes and played second lead to Dilireba as her best friend in Pretty Li Hui Zhen. She’s elevated to lead actress as she starred in Pretty Man, To Love To Heal and Dongshan Fine After Queen Consort the Snow within this year alone and I hope to see more projects from her. 

Li XIrui leading lady dramas
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