Wang Yibo Praised by Co-star Wang Yang for Professionalism Whilst Filming Torture Scene in Their Latest Republican Drama “War of Faith”

Wang Yibo and Wang Yang Discuss Filming Torture Scene in Their Latest Republican Drama "War of Faith"
Wang Yibo and Wang Yang / Weibo

Between them, Wang Yang and Wang Yibo seem to have developed a mentor and student sort of bromance in their latest Republican spy drama War of Faith 追风者. This is the first time the pair have worked together yet with their onscreen rapport you’d think they’d worked together for a long time. Nonetheless, audiences are definitely intrigued. Whilst hopping into a live broadcast with his co-star, Yibo talked about the scene that left such a huge impact on him. And if you guessed the torture scene, then yep, you’re bang on the money.

Undoubtedly, the scene of Wei Ruolan (Wang Yibo) being tortured to extract a confession is mega intense. Not only does it let the 26-year-old prove his mettle as an actor, it has once again allowed him to shed his idol image and be recognised more as an actor. Wang Yang recounts how the scene was really hard to shoot. After all, filming in the dead of winter (in January) was far from ideal. Imagine being covered in fake blood and wearing only a thin shirt and trousers in the freezing cold. That’s definitely nobody’s cup of tea. On top of that the actor had to be “strung up” to shoot the torture scene.

Wang YIbo

It took Wang Yibo an entire day to film the scene given the intense emotions required and the freezing conditions. Yet the 46-year-old actor said what really impressed him was Wang Yibo’s dedication. He shared how his co-star didn’t even take a break afterwards and continued working on the next scene with him. Seems the young actor must have really left a pretty good impression to have his senior praise him like that.

Meanwhile, Yibo humbly responded that “as an actor, you can’t just say your scenes are done and then not care a whit about your colleagues anymore.” He said it (humility) was something he learned from senior Tong Dawei when he was still a newbie. Besides, he cheekily added, he didn’t leave because they had a brazier to keep him warm on set.

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