War of Faith: Wang Yibo’s Return to Espionage with Li Qin and Wang Yang

War of Faith 长风破浪, previously Golden Journey, has just dropped new stills of its story set in the tumultuous realm of Republican espionage. At the heart of it all stands Wang Yibo in the role of Wei Ruolai whose journey brings him from humble beginnings as a bank clerk into a revolutionary. It’s not even his first time in the genre. The 26-year-old actor has worked with THE Tony Leung in the film Hidden Blade. If you were a fan of that, then this might be one for you.

War of Faith weaves a tale of ideological transformation and fractured loyalties. The story initially starts out with Wang Yibo’s Wei Ruolai having a mentor in Wang Yang’s Shen Tunan. However, due to the sway of Shen Tunan’s younger sister, Shen Jinzhen, a member of the Communist Party, Wei Ruolai’s convictions undergo a profound change.

Golden Journey Supporting Cast

Many popular Chinese stars, at some point in their careers, delve into Communist-themed dramas. Frankly, it’s more about finding the good ones as some actually turn out to be very well made. Enter 33-year-old Li Qin as the female lead, bringing a fresh pairing with Wang Yibo. Incidentally, her last drama was with Xiao Zhan as they’ve worked together multiple times. And let us not forget Wang Yang who plays the older brother. The 45-year-old actor’s journey from supporting roles like Joy of Life to leading man has earned him a reputation as as the “hot middle-aged uncle.” It seems he’ll bring a captivating presence to the role, portraying a complex character as the former mentor whom the protagonist will part ways with. Aside from Li Qin and Wang Yang in the main trio, it also brings a promising cast of Zhang Tianyang, veteran actor Wang Xueqi, and the talented Gao Lu.

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