Zheng He Hui Zi Popularity in Ju Jingyi Drama Sparks Allegations, Her Studio Clamps Down

Zheng He Hui Zi supporting actress In Blossom

Zheng He Hui Zi has been in the industry for many years. Having debuted in 2015, this 29-year-old actress has been quietly making strides in the industry, primarily in supporting roles. However, she has recently garnered increasing buzz, incidentally over a small role in Ju Jingyi’s new drama In Blossom.

Another Chinese Celeb Whose Name Has Four Characters

While the name Zheng He Hui Zi may not yet be familiar to many, it has led some to speculate about her ethnicity due to her four-character name, reminiscent of Japanese naming conventions. As it turns out, it’s not a screen name. The Chinese actress’ name derives from her father’s surname, Zheng (郑), and her mother’s surname, He (合), combined as ‘Zheng He,’ with ‘Huizi’ (惠子) as her given name. Other stars with four character names are Jackson Yee (Yi Yang Qian Xi) and Jackie Li (formerly La Mu Yang Zi who’s since changed her name after facing backlash).

Ju Jingyi Faces Criticism for Her Acting

The C-drama landscape is currently flooded with a multitude of offerings, many of which come with its own significant buzz. Among these, In Blossom, starring Ju Jingyi and Liu Xueyi, has emerged as a surprise, exceeding expectations and garnering considerable viewership and attention. This success bodes well for its lead actors, particularly Liu Xueyi, who has proven his capability as a leading man.

Ju Jingyi has top billed numerous dramas in the past, yet the 29-year-old singer-actress often faces criticism for allegedly acting the same in each role. Additionally, it would help for her to have a breakthrough hit, particularly after the billing order controversy in her previous drama. Despite the success of In Blossom, it hasn’t shielded Ju Jingyi from criticism regarding her acting.

This criticism has been magnified in comparison to Zheng Hehuizi’s portrayal of the same character in the initial episodes before a face swap redirects the focus to Ju Jingyi for the majority of the show. The discussions have devolved to accusations from both camps, with speculations even circulating about Zheng Hehuizi manipulating search trends to undermine Ju Jingyi and the show. Personally, I quite like Ju Jingyi’s charm in dramas, going as far back as “Legend of Yunxi” some years ago, and it’s regrettable how the show’s success has become marred by discord.

Zheng He Hui Zi Studio Issues Statement Against Allegations

Whatever the case, it seems that the online vitriol has prompted Zheng He Hui Zi’s studio to take action. Their statement denied any involvement in negative tactics or manipulation, urging against spreading false rumors. They emphasized the individuality of each character portrayal and expressed gratitude for the audience’s support and feedback. Acknowledging areas for improvement, both Zheng He Hui Zi and her team remain committed to their craft while navigating the complexities of public opinion.

Statement from Zheng Hehuizi studio

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