Amidst Surging Popularity, Liu Xueyi Studio Slams Tax Evasion Rumors, Threatens Suit

LIu Xueyi

Thanks to the costume romance drama In Blossom 花間令 currently airing on screens, 33-year-old Liu Xueyi has seen his popularity skyrocketing. However, all the attention seems to have also brought with it some unsavoury scrutiny as the actor finds himself the subject of rumours accusing him of committing tax evasion. Well, one thing’s for sure: he’s clearly not going to take the malicious allegations lightly. On the 25th, Lin Xueyi’s Studio released a statement blasting the slanderous remarks spreading online.

The first and most important point made by his statement is that the actor has always paid his taxes correctly and that there was no truth to accusations that he attempted to evade taxes. Secondly, the statement cautioned accounts and individuals to immediately remove their slanderous allegations, insults and even malicious photos else face the full brunt of the law. To that point, they also shared that all the evidence they’ve gathered online have already been entrusted to their lawyers and that appropriate actions which might even result to criminal prosecution will be taken.

Liu Xueyi first debuted in a suspense film called The Curse of the Butterfly back in 2011 when he was fresh out of acting school having studied at Central Academy of Drama. He then started gaining attention when he took on supporting roles in popular dramas such as Love and Redemption and Destined just to name a few before moving up to leading man status. His most recent role finds him starring as Pan Yue, a handsome and capable magistrate trying to solve the mystery behind his bride’s “death” in the face-swap mystery drama In Blossom opposite actress Ju Jingyi.

Liu Xueyi Studio

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