Bai Jingting in Dating Rumors with “Destined” Co-Star Song Yi

Bai Jingting in Dating Rumors with "Destined" Co-Star Song Yi
Photo: Destined / Weibo

It looks like Chinese paparazzo Photography Liu Dachui 摄影刘大锤 is back with another couple reveal given their latest report on Bai Jingting and Song Yi that has people speculating the two are living together and that they’re already at the “meet the parents” stage.

Liu Dachui has released footage from October of Bai Jingting and his parents at a parking lot where it seems they were helping him move in. At night, Song Yi also appeared with them presumably to head out to Bai Jingting’s parents house for dinner. Two days later on October 31st, which happened to be Song Yi’s birthday, Bai Jingting’s dad can be seen at the same parking lot moving more stuff in. That night, Bai Jingting and Song Yi were caught on cam heading out together in his car while his parents’ car followed behind.

Bai Jingting and Song Yi have not made any statement thus far. However, many gave their congratulations should the dating rumors turn out to be true. Even the paparazzo had good things to say when he commented that Bai Jingting is a very honest artist. He said the actor would play sports or eat out and go home and that he’d often have a meal with his parents which is not that common among celebs. Liu Dachui also said that both Bai Jingting and Song Yi have practically zero gossip.

Bai Jingting is four years younger than Song Yi who turned 33 last month. The two have recently wrapped filming for their historical drama Destined 长风渡.

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