He Yu, Actor Playing Li Xiaoyao in ‘Sword and Fairy,’ Is Totally Different as Furong in This Other Drama

He Yu, Actor Playing Li Xiaoyao in 'Sword and Fairy,' Is Totally Different as Furong in This Other Drama

Sword and Fairy, with its Chinese title that translates to Meet Xiao Yao Again 又见逍遥, has finally announced its premiere date on Tencent. As the last installment of the newer batch of dramas in the Legend of Sword and Fairy franchise airing this 2024, it holds a special place in the hearts of fans. After all, it’s a remake of the beloved classic ‘Chinese Paladin‘ from 2005 that started it all. Stepping into the shoes of the protagonist, Li Xiaoyao, is 27-year-old actor He Yu.

Who Is He Yu?

The actor who first appeared in a documentary in 2018 formally entered showbiz in the 2019 series Lovely Swords Girl. He starred in several dramas and even participated in the acting reality show ‘Memories Beyond Horizon‘ in 2022. Nonetheless, He Yu’s portrayal of the iconic Li Xiaoyao is undoubtedly the most highly anticipated roles of his career. But did you know that He Yu also has a connection to another ongoing drama, “Legend of Shen Li“?

A Different Side to the Actor

In “Legend of Shen Li,” He Yu takes on a supporting role as Furong Jun. What could’ve been a love rival, given his character’s arranged marriage with the heroine, turns out to be downright comedic. Aside from a bromance with Xin Yunlai, he’s definitely a character on his own with his mischievous, playboyish antics and “cowardly” nature that occasionally steps up to the plate. Now, juxtapose this with his role in “Sword and Fairy” as Li Xiaoyao, a xianxia hero idolized by many. The contrast couldn’t be more stark.

What’s amusing is that both dramas will end up airing concurrently. While Furong Jun in “Legend of Shen Li” brings laughs with his antics, Li Xiaoyao in “Sword and Fairy” embodies a classic hero archetype. “Sword and Fairy,” which brings together new faces in a beloved story is set to premiere on April 2nd.

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