Lin Yi on How He Joined His Agency, Turns Out He’s Among Hu Ge’s Growing List of Fanboys

Lin Yi on Why He Joined His Agency, Turns Out He's Among Hu Ge's Growing List of Fanboys

Lin Yi recently played the cool and handsome male protagonist of Derailment, a story that touched upon parallel worlds. Given his dance background, the 25-year-old actor said he’d probably be a dance teacher if a parallel dimension existed in real life. However, he ended up choosing to be an actor, and it has a little something to do with charismatic actor Hu Ge whose influence seems to be reaching far and wide.

Why Lin Yi Joined His Agency

Lin Yi said that he had the opportunity to enter showbiz when Tangren Media came knocking. Hu Ge is the top artist under Tangren. In Lin Yi’s own words, “Ever since I was young, I loved watching ‘Chinese Paladin.’ At the time, a Tangren agent contacted me on Weibo, and me and my mom went to check out the office. Seeing posters of ‘Chinese Paladin‘ and ‘Chinese Paladin 3,’ I immediately thought it was real. No matter what, I’d want to at least see Hu Ge. It’s a motive for me why I entered this business, and the company.”

Hu Ge in Chinese Paladin

Why Luo Yunxi Studied at Shanghai Theatre Academy

Lin Yi is not alone in his admiration for Hu Ge. Adding to the mix is Luo Yunxi, who in an older interview humorously revealed that he chose to enter Shanghai Theatre Academy to meet Hu Ge. Luo Yunxi’s journey first took him to the world of dance as he studied professional ballet for eleven years. He’s been dancing since he was a kid and his father’s also a dance teacher. Back then, he gained admission into Beijing Dance Academy and Shanghai Theatre Academy, both very prestigious schools. But because of a show called Chinese Paladin that he became a fan of, he thought, “If I go to Shanghai Theatre Academy, maybe I could meet my idol.” Unfortunately for him, he discovered that Hu Ge graduated the same year he enrolled in the school.

The broader trend has seen a number of male actors also expressing their fondness for the seasoned actor include Peng Yuchang, Chen Xingxu, Zhao Zhiwei and Guo Junchen. Xu Kai, who said he used to play the game version of Chinese Paladin, found the live action series to be outstanding, saying Hu Ge is just like his character Li Xiaoyao.

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