Time Travel Romance Series “Derailment” Based on a Novel by Priest Stars Liu Haocun and Lin Yi

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Adapted from the novel of the same name by popular author Priest, Derailment 脱轨 has finally announced the names of its two leads helming the production. Liu Haocun who has been dubbed as the latest Yimou girl has been cast to play Jiang Xiao Yuan. Meanwhile, Lin Yi who starred in the hit campus romance Put Your Head on My Shoulders a couple of years ago has been announced to play Qi Lian in the fantasy romance series. 

High Expectations

This being a Priest original novel being adapted into a drama, I’d say expectations from the show are pretty high what with all the production companies clamouring to turn her books into TV shows. Quite a few are already in the process of making it into the small screens such as Guardians of the Lands and Sha Po Lang aka Winner is King. Some, like the hit adaptations based on BL novels for Word of Honor and Guardian 镇魂 have proven to be fan favourites, catapulting its stars to fame.

Lin Yi already stole a lot of hearts when he made his acting debut as Gu Wei Yi in Put Your Head on My Shoulders. He’s done different genres since, and Derailment should also allow him to stretch his acting chops with the mystery component. Meanwhile, there’s also bound to be some expectations regarding Liu Haocun who stars in her first Chinese drama after being handpicked by Zhang Yimou in films like Cliff Walkers and One Second. But then again, she also has seen her fair share of critics.

Derailment Synopsis

Exploring the idea of parallel universes and the possibility of travelling between them, the show’s just released trailer opens in the year 2025. Jiang Xiao Yuan our wealthy party girl zips in and out of traffic before hurtling off the guardrail after slamming into another car. When she wakes up, she finds herself as a penniless working girl from the country … from seven years prior. With her fortunes reversed and struggling to survive, she sets out to unravel the mystery surrounding her unusual circumstance. She also meets Qi Lian who helps her in her pursuit of the truth.

Aside from romance, considering the cryptic scenes woven into the trailer – think mysterious tunnels and poorly lit hallways, blinking lights and even those glass pin boards you see in detective shows, it also looks like a healthy dose of mystery solving is in the cards for these two.

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