“Blossoms Shanghai” Years of Filming Pays Off

"Blossoms Shanghai" Years of Filming Pays Off

Blossoms Shanghai 繁花 starring Hu Ge has emerged as a standout, garnering attention for its intricate storytelling and stellar cast. Directed by the renowned Wong Kar-wai, the drama boasts a Douban score of 8.1, signaling its strong reception. Set in 1990s Shanghai, the story follows Ah Bao’s transformation to Bao Zong. He’s a self-made millionaire whose journey was made possible with his mentor, Uncle Ye, played by You Benchang. He also has three love interests – Ma Yili, Tang Yan and Xin Zhilei who are colorful in their own right.

With the success of the show, how long it took to film has become a topic of discussion. Filming began in 2020, but it actually took three years to wrap everything up. Back then, there were complaints about where Tang Yan’s career was heading. She didn’t take on new projects for 3 years. As it turns out, it was for Blossoms Shanghai. The actress wholeheartedly immersed herself in bringing her role of Miss Wang to life, and the emotional impact lingered even after the cameras stopped rolling. And it proved to be the right choice given how much praise the 40-year-old actress has gotten.

Douban Score 8.1

Many can also agree that there’s no better person to play Bao Zong than Hu Ge. The 41-year-old actor said that the entire shooting process prolonged was both physically and mentally exhausting, but Director Wong’s had boundless energy on set. Hu Ge also had the most scenes with You Benchang who’s already 90 years old, and he was impressed with the veteran actor’s dedication and professionalism.

Wong Kar-wai has long had a reputation for his perfectionist approach. It’s no wonder the running joke was that the cast thought they would film forever. Xin Zhilei who played Li Li said she “wrapped” filming four times. At first, they prepared flowers and cake, but a few days later, she got a call to come back. It got to a point that no one believed they had “wrapped.” Similarly, Chen Long who was sad to leave his role as Tao Tao on his last day, ended up being asked to return for reshoots.

The acclaimed director even prompted reflection from Tony Leung who’s worked with him in films like Happy Together, In the Mood for Love and 2046. The A-list actor said one line of dialogue would end up with 27 takes, that he went home crying and questioning whether his acting was really that bad.

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