Lin Yi Dancing with New Jeans to Their Song “Super Shy” Is a Pleasant Surprise for Fans

Lin Yi Dancing with New Jeans to Their Song "Super Shy" Surprises Fans
Photo(s): iam_linyi / Instagram

Far from his quiet demeanor in Put Your Head on My Shoulder that put his name on the map, Lin Yi is not one to shy away from a challenge as seen by his recent participation in the Super Shy dance challenge with New Jeans members Haerin and Hyein. The 24-year-old actor confidently showed off his sleek moves and shared the moment on Instagram with the caption: “Made new friends in Korea!#NewJeans #HAERIN #HYEIN #NewJeans_SuperShy”. The song is a single from New Jeans’ second EP, Get Up that was released on July 7.

Many fans were pleasantly surprised to see their favorite actor collaborating with their favorite girl group. Some are asking for him to do a different challenge soon while others are jokingly calling the Chinese actor “Oppa” now. While it seems out of the blue to see the two worlds of C-ent and K-pop colliding, New Jeans’ music video for ‘Cool With You’ & ‘Get Up’ Official MV (side B) featured the biggest cameo in Hong Kong actor Tony Leung. It also wasn’t too long ago when New Jeans also met up with Singaporean singer-songwriter JJ Lin who visited Hybe headquarters in Seoul.

Although Lin Yi’s been focused on his acting career, his dancing skills do not come as a surprise to those who know his background. Prior to his breakout role, he majored in Ballroom Dancing at Beijing Sport University and he’s often seen showcasing his skills on social media.

What should Lin Yi dance to next?

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