Yang Yutong is Zhao Linger in the “New Chinese Paladin”

Yang Yutong is Zhao Linger in the "New Chinese Paladin"

There are many installments of Chineses Paladin with CP6 also in the works. However, the original which aired 17 years ago remains to be a classic. The upcoming remake 新仙剑奇侠传 announced last year is in the midst of filming with recent photos showing a clear glimpse of rookie actress Yang Yutong 杨雨潼 as Zhao Linger.

Although fairly new to the industry having participated in the iQIYI survival show I Actor 演员的品格 in 2018, the 22-year-old Yang Yutong’s performance as Xu Yingzi in Crime Crackdown left an impression. Her character was widely discussed as it is based on a victim of serial rapist and gang leader Sun Xiaoguo who was executed in 2020. Yang Yutong landing the role of Zhao Linger marks her first foray into the historical genre.

Yang Yutong plays a victim in Crime Crackdown.

In the leaked photos, her styling and costume is similar to Crystal Liu Yifei‘s version of Zhao Linger. Liu Yifei has been regarded as the fairy sister for years. Attempts by actresses to portray the same roles have often drawn comparison if not critique. It’s no surprise that the same is happening here. Yang Yutong is pretty, but some naysayers feel she doesn’t have the ethereal beauty for Zhao Linger. Needless to say, only time will tell whether the new version can do justice to its predecessor.

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