Chinese Paladin Reboot Confirms Huang Duoduo Won’t Be Starring as Zhao Ling’er, Casting Speculations Continue

Huang Duoduo and Li Yitong rumoured to star in Chinese Paladin as Zhao Ling'er

Get ready for the reboot of Hu Ge and Crystal Liu Yifei’s hit fantasy action series Chinese Paladin 仙剑奇侠传 as the remake has indeed been green lighted to get a brand new spin. Now the question lingering on everyone’s mind is .. who gets to play Li Xiaoyao and Zhao Ling’er in this new adaptation?

Several names that include Zhao Lusi, Yang Chaoyue and Li Yitong are rumoured to be in the roster for the character of Zhao Ling’er, a role previously popularised by a teenaged Liu Yifei in 2005. Earlier reports had pegged Sun Li and Huang Lei’s 15-year-old daughter Huang Yici 黄忆慈, nicknamed Duoduo, to also be in the running for the role. Huang Duoduo may have not yet gone into acting like her parents but she’s already won viewers hearts when she participated in season 2 of the Chinese reality show Where Are We Going, Dad? with her dad Huang Lei in 2014.

Sun Li in Chinese Paladin
Sun Li as the queen of Nan Zhao in Chinese Paladin

Incidentally, her mom Sun Li played Zhao Ling’er’s mother in the original Chinese Paladin series. Nonetheless, the rumour has already been denied by the reboot’s production crew. Next to Duoduo, Li Yitong seems to also be a forerunner in Netizen’s predictions though, having displayed her charms playing the cute and adorable figure of Huang Rong in 2017’s The Legend of the Condor Heroes which many think is also suitable for the character of Zhao Ling’er.

Whoever lands a part in the series, they sure have big shoes to fill considering how much of a classic the original was with its cast going on to become A listers in the industry! The reboot’s production team has been careful to say that nothing has been finalized yet, but it’s fun to see who people’s top picks are versus who will eventually land the coveted spots in the series.

Filming for the remake of Chinese Paladin is said to begin in the autumn of 2021.  

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