Sun Li Addresses Criticism of Her Teenage Daughter’s Choice to Pierce Her Ears

Sun Li Family
Sun Li with husband Huang Lei and Dou Dou

I didn’t realise getting your ears pierced in your early teens was considered to be quite a “big” thing. However the fuss over celebrity couple Huang Lei and Sun Li’s daughter seems to show otherwise. The two have three kids, two daughters and one son. Their eldest Duo Duo who’s now thirteen years old just got her ears pierced recently and also dyed her hair a blond colour. While this is nothing out of the ordinary for most, some netizens worried that she’s still “too young” and that her actions might be too mature for her age.

Sun Li touched upon the topic in an interview recently and she said it was actually Duo Duo who put the idea forward to her. After discussing it together, she said she was also on board with the changes. After all, “it’s in a girl’s nature to love beauty and we must respect that. If you forbid it now, she’ll become more rebellious in the future. If she tries it now, it’s possible in a day or two that she won’t like it anymore.” With such an open minded approach, no wonder Sun Li also helped her daughter in selecting the right shade and even provided references.

What do you guys think? Personally, it’s nice to see that her parents are supportive of her ideas and are taking the time to discuss her choices together as opposed to shutting it down completely sans discussion. That’s a step in the right direction isn’t it?

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