“Chinese Paladin 6” and “Nirvana in Fire 3” Concept Posters

Chinese Paladin and Nirvana in Fire are two very iconic franchises. Both have dropped concept posters in recent days. There’s no news about the cast, just a poster, yet I’m still very excited. 

Chinese Paladin

Chinese Paladin 6: Sword and Fairy 仙剑奇侠传六《祈今朝》is the newest addition to the popular franchise. It will also be the fourth drama based on the RPG series of the same name. I had wondered why the previous seasons were all odd numbers, but it turns out to be just based on the game that’s being adapted, somehow, they decided to skip CP2 and CP4. 

This latest installment is being produced by Shandong Film & TV Production which incidentally, is also one of the companies behind Nirvana in Fire and The Disguiser. The cast of Chinese Paladin 1 and Chinese Paladin 3 who are now top stars today endeared themselves through the fantasy series. Chinese Paladin 5 not so much since the show didn’t do so well. With each story usually youthful and resonating with the new generation, I feel like Sword and Fairy has all the potential assuming it brings back the same magic.

Nirvana in Fire

Meanwhile, Nirvana in Fire 3 琅琊榜3 which is reportedly in pre-production was among the dramas revealed at the recent iQIYI iJoy Conference in Shanghai. It reunites novel author and screenwriter Hai Yan with director Kong Sheng who both worked on the previous two seasons. Sun Molong and Liu Hongyuan also come onboard as directors. It is set for 2024 release.

Nirvana in Fire starring the cast of Hu Ge and Wang Kai in 2015 is undeniably a masterpiece. Nirvana in Fire 2 which was released in 2017 and tells a story about the younger generation didn’t achieve the same success. For what it’s worth, I though it was pretty good and proves itself worthy of being a sequel to such a beloved show. I don’t know how they could spin the new season, but is it possible to get season 1 cast back? 

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