“Nirvana in Fire” Lands a Third Season While Scripts for “Like a Flowing River 3” and “Ode to Joy Seasons 3 to Season 5” Are In the Works!

Nirvana in Fire Lands a Third Season While Scripts for Like a Flowing River 3 and Ode to Joy 3 Are In the Works!

There’s going to be lots of sequels in the horizon as Daylight Entertainment head honcho Hou Hongliang just dropped the big big news recently. First up is the mega hit series Nirvana in Fire which sad to say we don’t know any more details about because the Daylight Entertainment chairman and NiF3 producer made sure to keep all his cards close to his chest! From what little he revealed in his interview, all we know is that the script for the third installment is already complete but that he’s still in the middle of figuring out how to make the drama. Given the ending of Nirvana in Fire and how Nirvana in Fire 2 was about the succeeding generations, I wonder what kind of connection Nirvana in Fire 3 will have to its predecessors.

Like a Flowing River 2

Second on the list is Wang Kai, Yang Shuo and Dong Zi Jian’s Like a Flowing River 3 whose script they’re still in the process of completing. It’s worth noting that the TV series adapted from a novel by A Nai 阿耐 was really intended for three seasons.

Third up is the Sex and the City-esque series Ode to Joy who according to Hou Hongliang is expected to get a third, fourth and a fifth season all of which are still being written. Also written by author A Nai, she has completed work on the next three books which will feature new characters.

Ode to Joy 2

I always say I’m quite iffy about sequels because what are the chances the sequel measures up to the original? However for some of these dramas (most especially Nirvana in Fire), I’ll pretty much throw away my reservations out the window and eagerly wait.

Incidentally, Like a Flowing River 2 already hits screens tonight.

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