“A Journey to Love” Starring Liu Shishi and Liu Yuning Earns Strong Reviews, the Influencer-Singer Turned Actor Addresses Naysayers

"A Journey to Love" Starring Liu Shishi and Liu Yuning Earns Strong Reviews, the Influencer-Singer Turned Actor Addresses His Doubters

Liu Shishi and Liu Yuning’s A Journey to Love 一念关山 is finally out and judging from the first impressions online, it’s looking very promising. When you have a trending hashtag about how the drama respects the viewer’s IQ and not serving up something stupid, wouldn’t you be intrigued as well? 

First Impressions

A Journey to Love marks the 36-year-old actress’s return to the historical genre since becoming a mom in 2019. This time around, she plays kick arse assassin Ren Ruyi. And as far as comebacks go, it looks like she certainly picked a good one. Audiences say the role seems to suit her very well and plays to her strengths as an actor. Given her training in ballet, her fighting scenes were beautifully and skillfully executed like a well choreographed dance. Don’t expect overly exaggerated moves on her part as her calm and dispassionate demeanor plays up to her cold blooded spy character.

Meanwhile, her onscreen partner Liu Yuning plays Ning Yuanzhou, the fallen deputy head of Liudao Hall in the kingdom of Wu. He is also no slouch in the battlefield, and we have two equally badass characters on a journey together with their unlikely crew. The story and directing based on an original screenplay is proving to be a pleasant surprise in a wuxia genre chockfull of remakes, not to mention its unconventional take at a heroine boldly asking the male lead to contribute his “sperm” just so she can have a baby.

A Journey to Love

Liu Yuning from Influencer to Singer to Actor

Liu Yuning had many jobs before starting in showbiz. He was even professionally trained as a chef. He first rose to fame live-streaming as the lead singer of the band Modern Brothers, which led to him becoming a professional singer. From his influencer beginnings, the actor has come a long way to hold his own in front of the cameras.

In a previous live broadcast, the 33-year-old star shared how in the past, people would say he’s not worthy to be a singer. Nowadays, his voice can be heard in the OSTs of many hit dramas. He quips, “It took me five years.” Similarly, Liu Yuning addressed doubters questioning his worthiness of being an acto), “Since I chose to be an actor, I have to do it well, work hard and hope that one day I’ll be recognised.” He asked everyone to give him another five years to see if his identity as an actor will be just as recognised as he is a singer.

Liu Yuning’s male lead role in A Journey to Love was questioned before the show even aired. Even now, some have taken to criticise his visuals and replace it with another actor’s face. Seemingly in response, Liu Yuning graciously said that everyone has their own Ning Yuanzhou in their hearts. He’s thankful people are talking about the character.

Needless to say, it sounds like the singer-actor is definitely up for the challenge! He not only acted but also dubbed his own voice for the drama. The show has hit 9,500 on iQIYI heat index and seems poised to join the 10K club soon. It’s also the top drama across a number of ranking sites. It also stars Fang Yilun, He Landou, Chang Huasen, Chen Youwei and Wang Yizhe.

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