Liu Shishi Reveals Her Baby Boy’s Photo for the First Time

Liu Shishi Reveals Her Baby Boy’s Photo for the First Time
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Two months since Cecilia Liu Shishi and Nicky Wu welcomed their first child in April, the new mom took to Weibo to share the first picture of her little angel. This couple has been endlessly hounded with rumors from talks about Liu Shishi having a hard time getting pregnant to rumors that she’s dealing with depression post-pregnancy. 

It’s sweet of her to share the happy moment with fans. You don’t really see the baby’s face, but in the snapshot, the little prince wears an Oxford cap and raises his dinner-roll-arms as cheers to those taking Gaokao (National College Entrance Examination) this year. Liu Shishi also adds in the caption words of encouragement for the test-takers, assuring them that they could ace it.

liu shishi nicky wu baby
I’d say I share the same sentiments with netizens when they comment just how lovable he is. He’s really cute and chubby especially in that little black tuxedo. I bet he’s taking on the genes of his parents who both really are handsome and pretty.

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