“Fireworks of My Heart” Director on Yang Yang and Wang Churan, You’d Never Guess the Second Character That Was Cast

"Fireworks of My Heart" Director on Casting Yang Yang and Wang Churan

Fireworks of My Heart 我的人间烟火, which has been the leading television drama, sees Yang Yang in the profession of a firefighter, a popular character choice nowadays, and Wang Churan as his love interest – she was his first love, but they parted ways and reunite years later when she has become a doctor.

Casting Yang Yang and Wang Churan

After a slew of supporting roles since breaking into the industry in 2017’s Oh My General, Wang Churan has stepped into the leading role with Love Heals, which became an unexpected success when it aired earlier this year with its story about a scumbag husband trying to win back his wife. Now, she’s back in the summer time slot with Fireworks of My Heart and a supporting role in The Longest Promise. Incidentally, both Love Heals and Fireworks of My Heart have the 24-year-old actress playing a doctor. When Director Li Muge was asked in an interview if he’s scared that the characters will be compared, he said when he chose Wang Churan, she hasn’t played the role of a doctor yet (in the other drama).

Director Li Muge 李木戈 also talked about casting Yang Yang saying it’s due to his background as he studied in military school, and acted in military-themed projects. He said, “Firefighters need to have a particularly high military literacy, so he is the one and only Song Yan, as he’s very suitable (for the role).” Meanwhile, Li Muge felt that Wang Churan has the kind of vitality and cool temperament like her character Xu Qin, and he feels there are not many actors her age group who can carry that role.

Vin Zhang and Yang Yang

Who Was Cast First?

When the director divulged the first roles that were cast, his second choice was unexpected. He said that Yang Yang was obviously the first person to be cast, but the second one is Vin Zhang Binbin whom he worked with in 2021’s Rattan. He said he “kidnapped” Vin since he already told the actor to come to his next drama while they were still at the celebration party for Rattan. Vin Zhang makes a friendly appearance in Fireworks of My Heart as Suo Jun, Song Yan’s good friend and colleague. He’s warm compared to the steely Song Yan. It’a also a reunion for both actors seven years since Love O2O.

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