“Love Heals” Leads Among the Current Web Dramas with Its Story About a Second Chance Romance

"Love Heals" Leads Among the Current Web Dramas with Its Story About a Second Chance Romance
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A new drama that’s gaining a bit of attention lately is Peng Guanying and Wang Churan’s Love Heals 听说你喜欢我.  The medical series has all the makings of a “second chance at love” trope which will find the horrid ex-husband doing the “chasing”. Not only that but it appears he might even have competition too!

A Dark Horse for V-Day

According to Vlinkage rankings, the show which first debuted 3rd during its premiere on Feb 10 has successfully secured the top spot in subsequent days to become the leading web drama online. For a show without traffic stars, the drama’s doing well and bringing attention to 24-year-old actress Wang Churan whose role as the wife is someone you can’t help but root for. On the other hand, playing the complete jerk of a husband who’s basically blown his chances, The Confidence star Peng Guanying once again proves his versatility as an actor.

For audiences, watching how a more mature Ning Zhiqian attempts to redeem himself from his poor treatment of her when they cross paths once again seven years later is definitely going to be interesting. And with stories like this, the part where the husband begins to “chase” the wife is what everyone’s probably waiting for. With the show picking up pace, it has also released a revised schedule with more episodes airing daily on Valentine’s Day week for its Tencent VIP subscribers.

Love Heals Plot

Peng Guanying stars as the good looking yet cold and arrogant main character Ning Zhiqian. Seven years ago, he was married to the shy and delicate Ruan Liuzheng (Wang Churan). After treating her very badly, the marriage broke down and ended in divorce.

Fast forward to several years later and the Ruan Liuzheng who returns to her hometown as its newest junior neurosurgeon is now a confident and hardened doctor. No longer the fragile and timid girl back then, little did she know that she will be working closely with her ex-husband. Meanwhile, feeling guilty over the way he treated her and hoping to redeem himself, Ruan Liuzheng appoints himself her mentor (he’s the senior neurosurgeon after all). As tempers and opinions clash, a life or death situation will bring them both closer to a second chance.

Love Heals also stars Wayne Liu Ruilin, Chuai Ni, Mao Linlin, Li Zifeng and Zhu Jinlin.

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