“Ride The Wind 2023” Announces Season 4 Lineup With International Stars Also Joining The Chinese Survival Show

"Ride the Wind 2023" Announces This Season's Lineup with a Number of International Stars Joining the Chinese Survival Show
Ella Chen takes center position for Ride the Wind 2023’s MV.
Left to Right: Chi Pu, Ella Chen and Amber Liu

Survival show Ride the Wind 2023 乘风2023, previously known as Sisters Who Make Waves, is pulling out all the stops for its 4th season which is already scheduled to go live on May 5. And, just like their other seasons, the show once again managed to put together an eclectic mix of industry names. With all the pomp clearly befitting a beauty pageant slash high profile fashion show in today’s big reveal – how gorgeous do all the jiejies (sisters) look in their fiery hued outfits! The show puts the spotlight on the latest group who sings this season’s theme song where S.H.E.’s Ella Chen currently takes the center position among the 33 ladies.

Out of the participants, you can count amongst them a mixed bag of actresses, TV hosts, singers from pop stars to fusion artists, an award winning dancer, a pianist and even a footballer! And we haven’t even talked about their different nationalities yet!

A Look at the Cast

I’m sure you’ll have already recognised some of the faces in the trailer above so here’s the full line-up of jiejies. Amongst the singers and vocalists who’ve made it into the roster, there’s Sun Yue, Angela Hui, Chen Bing, Liu Xijun and Amber Liu who had her start in K-pop as part of the girl group f(x). Let’s not forget S.H.E.’s Ella who’s standing on the other side of the fence this time as a contestant instead of mentoring participants. Meanwhile, lending their rich vocals are fusion singer Gong Linna and Taiwanese singer A-Lin.

Other familiar faces include Chinese footballer and goalie Zhao Lina, Joie Q Jing, Hong Kong actresses Ada Choi, Rain Lee Choi Wah, popular host Xie Na and Celina Jade. There’s also Cya Liu Yase, Zhu Zhu, award-winning dancer Xie Yin and Story of Yanxi actress Zhang Jiani. Janice Wu Qian is also on this season’s line-up as are Taiwanese celebs actress and TV host Alyssa Chia, Yuki Hsu, and Ivy Chen. Wang Xiaomin, Wang Jiayu, You Wu, Jenny Zeng Kenni and Leo Li Sha Min Zi have also made it in this season’s list of hopefuls.

With Jessica Jung successfully signing on last season and paving the way for foreigners to join in on the fun, the show also managed to rope in South Korean actress Choo Ja Hyun who is married to Chinese actor Yu Xiaoguang. Likewise, this season will also see its biggest share of international jiejies to date such as German Korean pianist Gina Alice Redlinger who’s married to famed Chinese pianist Lang Lang, Vietnamese singer and actress Chi Pu, as well as Japanese multi-hypenate MARia aka Mai Mizuhashi. Annie Lowdermilk who’s also known in the mainland as Tang Bohu and Russian singer Katerina Kelly round up season four.

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