“Sisters Who Make Waves S3” Announces Lineup of Cyndi Wang, Jessica Jung, TWINS and More!

"Sisters Who Make Waves S3" Announces Lineup of Cyndi Wang, Jessica Jung, TWINS and More!

There we have it folks, the final list of jiejies who signed up for the comeback survival show Sisters Who Make Waves 乘风破浪 is here! Season three sure is gearing up to be quite interesting what with that strong lineup made up of diverse talents. Just wait till you see the talent when Sisters Who Make Waves premieres on May 20.

As expected, some of the jiejies named on the list probably won’t come as a surprise since the rumourmill sort of already called it. In fact they were pretty much bang on the money when they named Kpop star Jessica Jung, Hong Kong singer and actress Fiona Sit, Cantopop duo TWINS and Taiwanese popstar Cyndi Wang amongst the ladies competing in the show. And as with the previous seasons, there’s also a handful of actresses thrown into the mix such as Story of Yanxi Palace star Wu Jinyan and Crystal Zhang Tian’ai to shake things up a bit. But to make things even more interesting this season, classically trained dancers Zhu Jiejing and Tang Shiyi have both thrown their hats in the ring as well as Olympic skier and gold medalist Xu Mengtao.

Without further ado, here’s the list of celebs vying for a spot on the comeback survival show. There’s Na Ying, the Voice of China judge who will be standing on the other side of the judging table this time as well as The Voice of China runner-up Momo Wu. Ning Jing, “Disco Queen” Zhang Qiang, Kelly Yu and Valen Hsu who was considered one of Taiwan’s top singers in the 90s have also earned a spot on the show. Myolie Wu who’s rockin a seriously rad  ‘do on the posters has also signed on as well as Gillian Chung and Charlene Choi from TWINS. You’ll also find actresses Aya Liu, Huang Yi, Huang Xiaolei, Zhang Xinyi, Mao Junjie, Qi Xi, Zhang Li, Zhao  Yingzi and Tientsin Mystic actress Wang Zixuan who technically turns 30 in November on the lineup. Singers Tan Weiwei, TW singer-actress Amber Kuo, Kelsey Zhao Meng and jazz singer Liu Lian are also on the show!

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