Jessica Jung for “Sisters Who Make Waves 3”? Her Agency Responds

Jessica Jung
Jessica Jung

Surprise! Years after leaving legendary girl group Girls Generation, it seems former member Jessica Jung is ready to jump back into her idol roots. The Kpop star’s agency recently confirmed that she will indeed be stepping back on the stage to compete in a Chinese show. This is in response to persistent rumors that have been circulating that she will be joining Sisters Who Make Waves Season 3. Other Kpop stars who have competed in the show include Miss A’s Fei and Jia who signed on for the show’s debut season.

Before her agency’s announcement, what seems to be an unofficial list of contestants for Sisters Who Make Waves started doing the rounds online. The leaked list indicates Jessica’s real name Jung Soo Yeon and that she is a member of Girl’s Generation. What’s more, the pop star is also facing a bit of backlash as the alleged list indicates Jessica is Chinese of Korean descent (朝鲜) in her profile.

I miss You all, writes Jessica Jung
Jessica Jung posting the pinyin for,”I miss you all

“Fake News from Unknown Sources”

With speculation growing rapidly online, Jessica’s agency Coridel Entertainment stressed that “the source of the leaked list of performers is unverified”. Moreover, show producer Mango TV also denied making the profile write-up or ever leaking it, nor did Coridel write her profile like that.

As for the description that she is a member of Girl’s Generation, her agency clarified that since withdrawing from the group in 2014, she no longer promote activities under the Girl’s Generation banner.

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